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The gaming on android is changing with each passing day, and more and more people are now moving towards using the hacks that help them in obtaining an edge over the competition. The apps that help you in modifying the game play and make it suitable for you so that you can gain victory are commonly available for android and ios. However, only a few are worthy of your time and effort it takes to be downloaded and game guardian is one such app. It is an application that is available to you for free across the internet in the form of apk file that you can download.

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People today go for the mod downloads and game guardian is a hacking tool that helps you in changing the value of games and apps that you like to customize. It allows you to hack and modify almost all of the android games that are available to you offline including which are some of the most notable ones such as Angry Birds 2, Ludo Bing, etc.

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Alternative to SB Game Hacker and Game Killer

Many people use the SB Game Hacker or Game Killer to assist themselves in critical games. However, there is a problem that these programs do not work for the latest android versions. Moreover, the Android M and N are also having different operational sets and these two mod apps fail to assist gamers who are using any of the aforementioned OS. Therefore, the game guardian is left out as the sole pick because this is the only well known operational kit which you can use for the latest versions of android. So, get your game guardian full version apk for free and modify your android games with hack as per your needs.

Why it is not available on google play store?

Many people question that the game is not available on Google Play Store. So, why they should download it? It also puts up a question mark on the security and integrity of the application and many people are seen afraid of downloading it.

We should note that the game guardian modifies your games by gaining access to root. Therefore, if you are looking for a no root application, this is not your pick. Secondly, all such mod apps have the ability to hack the system which is why they are also said to be the game hacker apps and this is one of the prime reasons why the application is not available to you on Google Play Store. Anyone who is looking forward to downloading the game should do it by reaching a trusted website from where he can obtain the apk file of the app.

Requirements you should know before installing it

Before you download the latest version of game guardian from here, you should note that there are certain requirements you should fulfill in order to make things work for you. Many people download the app without knowing that it requires root access. Ultimately, the program won’t work for them and they are left scratching their head that why is it working for most of the people but not for them. The root permission gives these apps a chance to modify the values in various games and software. In order to enable the root access for game guardian, you can search for ‘how to enable root access’ on YouTube or Google and you will find several tutorials guiding you through the process.

So, first you should turn on the accessibility to the root folder for your phone or else you must not download the app because it won’t work for you.

Download latest version of Game Guardian APK

The application is not available to you on Google Play Store. Therefore, you should look forward to a trustable online source from where you can obtain the apk of the application. Do note that the app is in development and you can find various versions of it all over the internet, from the old ones to the new and most recently developed latest versions, all are available to you for download.

Once you have the apk file link, you can click on it. The download will begin and you will find a file added into your phone’s download directory.

The app works for android versions from 2.3 to the most recent ones (tested till android 7.1.1). It is not a heavy application and the size is only 6.3 MB which means only a little storage space will be required on your smartphone in order to install the game guardian and benefit from it. The app has millions of downloads across various platforms and you can easily download and install it by following the process below.

Andriod2.3 or later6.3 MBMust be Rooted
IOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad )5.0 or later26 MBJailbeark
PCWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 106.3 MBMust be Rooted

Installing the app

Once the Apk file is downloaded, you have to install it. Many people just download these files hoping that they will install automatically as it happens with any of the software you obtain from Google Play Store but it won’t work that way. So, once you are done with downloading the apk file, it is time now that you install it.

Reach out for the settings of your smartphone and find security option. Tap on it and a menu will open in front of you. Somewhere in the menu, you will have the option that says something like ‘allow installation from unknown sources’ or simple ‘unknown sources.’ Click on it and a check mark will appear around it suggesting that the download from unknown sources is now permitted. In case that you find a pop up appearing in front of you after clicking the unknown sources, don’t worry. It is just a confirmation message and by tapping on ‘ok’ the option will be enabled.

Now, go to your downloads folder and click on the game guardian apk file that you have downloaded recently. On your screen, you will see a window open up and below you will have a button saying ‘install.’ Tap on it and after a few seconds you will end up with app installed in your phone.


Be sure that you have enabled root access of your phone before downloading the app. Once you have installed it, open the app and it will ask you for root permission. Grant it and click on start to begin modifying your favorite apps. Contact us for more information.

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